Babysitting Coop Overview

Babysitting coops allow parents to swap babysitting services with other parents who live nearby. Vegetable Waffle facilitates coops by organizing information and providing a forum for requesting and offering babysitting. Members can find a babysitter using the master schedule and exchange points for babysitting services.

Join A Coop

Signing up is free & easy, but becoming an active member requires some work. To sign up for the website, create an account on the Vegetable Waffle Login page. Then join a coop by clicking on "Join a Coop" on the menu and selecting the coop you would like to join. To try it out right away, just click on "Test Coop."

Once you join, current members (those who have been to meetings and who have already signed up) will sponsor you if they know you. Knowing each other personally provides some security and peace of mind. And, since each exchange is a personal arrangement, you always get to decide who watches your kids.

Don't know enough members to meet the sponsor rule for your coop? Check out the Bulletin Board for upcoming meetings.

Create A New Coop

Would you like to start a coop in your neighborhood or bring your coop into the computer age? Simply create an account and click on Coop Editor to begin a new coop. You can select how many sponsors are required for membership in the coop and determine how many points each member gets when joining.

A few suggestions for new coops: Pick an original name, not based on geography, so that prospective members can easily find you. This is especially important in areas that might have multiple coops. And don't set the sponsor rule higher than the number of members you currently have, or no one can join. (One is the perfect number for a brand-new coop.) You can always increase the sponsor rule in the future.

Joining Multiple Coops

Know people in several coops and live close enough to exchange babysitting? So long as you meet each one's sponsor rule, you can join them all. To switch between coops, click on the text that reads "Current Coop."

Be aware of which coop you're in when posting -- your listing will only show up in that particular one, not all of the coops you belong to. Likewise, points are coop-specific.